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Image Equipment Details
Exposure Details
Software Used
  • Rancho Del Sol Observatory, Camino, Ca
  • RCOS 20" Truss F8.3
  • Paramount ME
  • Apogee Alta U09000
  • SBIG ST402 Guider
  • Astrodon MegaMoag off axis guider
  • Astrodon 2nd Generation 50mm Square Filters
  • Luminance = 440 minutes
  • Red = 120 minutes
  • Blue = 140 minutes
  • Green = 120 minutes
  • Ha = 0
  • SII = 0
  • OIII = 0
  • CCDAP 4
  • MaxDL 5
  • Pinpoint
  • Thesky 6
  • Pempro
  • CCDstack / CCDIS
  • Photoshop CS4

In collaboration with the Dr. David Martinez-Delgado Star Stream Survey

An investigation by:

D. Martínez-Delgado (MPIA, IAC); R. J. GaBany (Blackbird); K. Crawford (Rancho del Sol); S. Zibetti ( IAC); S. R. Majewski (Virginia U.); H. Rix (MPIA); J. Fliri ( IAC); J. Penarrubia (Cambridge ); J. A. Carballo­Bello ( IAC); D. C. Bardalez-Gagliuffi ( IAC), MIT ); T. S. Chonis (Texas U. ); B. Madore (Carnegie) I. Trujillo ( IAC); M. Schirmer (AIA); D. A. McDavid (Virgina U.)
This high contrast inverted image shows the mixed streams and spikes which may be the result of a recent merger with a dwarf galaxy. This image was taken for the Star Stream Survey headed by Dr. David Martinez-Delgado of the Max-Planck Institute and published HERE.
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