Tutorial Downloads by Ken Crawford


Each link below will allow you to download a zipped Flash file for each tutorial. You then just need to unzip the files and play the html link in the folder. You must have a current Flash player for your browser. These files are for personal use only and are CopyRight ©Ken Crawford 2006 - 2009.

Clipping Masks & Color Mapping
  This tutorial covers the basics of clipping mask and color mapping in Photoshop. One of the best methods for full control of color blending of Narrowband data as well as RGB data. This is the preferred method used by the Hubble image processing team. Note that the Flash movie will start to run after about 10% of buffering. A broad band internet connection works best.
Depth of Field Processing
  Depth of field is of the visual elements that helps images appear real. This tutorial goes over some methods you can use to give your images more depth and dramatic appearance. Also I open up my imaging processing tool box and demonstrate several image touch up methods. Let the Flash movie buffer to about 10% and a broad band internet connection works best.
Multi Strength Decon Layer Blend
  The devil is in the details and because of blurring by seeing and guiding issues some of our details become hidden. This tutorial will demonstrate how to blend difference strengths of sharpening to preserve star profiles while digging out the details. Let the Flash Movie buffer to about 10% and a broad band internet connection works best.
Six Filter Narrowband Processing
  This is the Powerpoint file of the Six Filter Narrowband presentation I gave at AIC2009. It is in a PDF format and is 500meg so broadband is recommended. This is not narrated but each slide has notes that you can click on and read to help you follow along. There are imbedded step by step movies that need to be started by clicking on the slide. These are some of the methods that I use to incorporate RGB data with Narrowband data. There are two different examples with step by step slides and movies that start with color mapping and end with image touch-ups to help make your images more colorful and dramatic.

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